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Monash IVF have been providing leading reproductive care for over 50 years. As a scientific pioneer of fertility treatment in Australia, we know that access to genetic testing and counselling is crucial to achieving both goals. That’s why we put so much effort into attracting the best geneticists and genetic counsellors in Australia.

Led by Dr Tristan Hardy (the only dual-qualified obstetrician/gynaecologist and genetic pathologist in Australia), Monash IVF’s genetics team is both exceptionally qualified and truly passionate about supporting patients throughout their entire fertility journey.

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Dr Tristan Hardy


Dr Tristan Hardy is the Medical Director of Genetics for the Monash IVF Group.

Dr Hardy is the only dual-qualified obstetrician/gynaecologist and genetic pathologist in Australia uniquely qualified to provide expert care in preconception, preimplantation and prenatal genetics. In addition to his clinical fellowships, Dr Hardy completed a PhD in preimplantation genetic testing, and continues to develop new approaches to preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) and regularly collaborates with world leaders in this field.

Today, Dr Hardy leads our genetic laboratories and genetic counselling service across the Monash IVF Group and is involved in all areas of our reproductive genetic testing.

He is supportive of all couples undergoing genetic testing as part of their fertility journey and is passionate about providing the best possible care for all patients.

You can find Dr Tristan Hardy consulting at Repromed in Adelaide and nationally through our network of genetic counsellors, led by Dr. Melody Menezes.

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Dr Melody Menezes

BSc(Hons), GDipGenetCouns, PhD, FHGSA

Dr Melody Menezes is Head Genetic Counsellor at Monash IVF and Scientific Director at Monash Ultrasound for Women.

Originally from Canada, Melody graduated with honours in molecular biology and genetics and moved to Melbourne in 2006 to study Genetic Counselling. Melody completed her Graduate Diploma in Genetic Counselling and continued her studies with a PhD in Fetal Development and Medicine at the University of Melbourne.

Melody has been working as a Genetic Counsellor for over 14 years and has been working for Monash Ultrasound for Women for 12 years and in that time, she has been instrumental in bringing non-invasive prenatal testing services to pregnant women in Victoria.

She is also a section editor for the Journal of Genetic Counselling and a Senior Lecturer at the University of Melbourne.

Melody is passionate about advancing our reproductive carrier screening services and providing the best possible care for all Monash IVF Group patients.

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