Fertility Health Check

Simply by understanding your body and knowing your reproductive health sooner rather than later, you can increase your chance of having a baby. You can assess your fertility health through pre-conception testing and diagnosis. You can also preserve your fertility by freezing your eggs and sperm.
Infertility is caused by issues with the female's reproductive system in 30% of cases. Another 30% of cases are due to male infertility. A further 30% of cases are a combination of both male and female factors, and the remaining 10% of cases are unexplained.
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Fertility Health Check

At your initial appointment, your fertility specialist will start with a review of your general health and medical history, before deciding on which routine test or procedures are appropriate to check your fertility health.

Everybody's fertility journey is different. You may have already had some tests with your GP or referring doctor. If so, bring them with you and your fertility specialist can review your results with you.

If you haven't had any tests yet, we can help.

Your follow up appointment with your fertility specialist is vital, they will take the time to discuss your results and make recommendations on what you can do. Sometimes, simply by having these fertility checks gives you the confidence to keep trying, particularly when you know the routine tests have come back normal.

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