PGT-A – Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy

At Monash IVF, we’re relentless in our mission to help you have a baby. That’s why discussion of embryo screening is always a vital part of your fertility consult. Screening for chromosome changes which occur at conception – usually due to an extra or a missing chromosome being present in an egg or sperm – can help reduce the time taken to achieve a live birth.
Typical embryonic cells contain 46 chromosomes in 23 pairs – 23 chromosomes from each parent. If the egg or sperm has an extra or missing chromosome, then there is a high chance of miscarriage or failed implantation. This is the main cause of declining fertility and increased chance of miscarriage with increasing maternal age.

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While we perform the genetic testing, your embryos are kept frozen and in storage. When we identify embryos with the highest chance of implantation, they’re transferred individually in a frozen IVF cycle. Your remaining viable embryos stay frozen for future use.

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