Becoming a donor

Many people will need a sperm, egg or embryo donor to help them start their family. Donors give people the chance to experience the joy of children and share in the gift of life. Becoming a donor is a truly selfless act.

Monash IVF started the world’s first donor program in 1975. We’ve seen thousands of lives changed for the better because of generous donors. With 45 years of experience supporting donors throughout the donation process, we can help you make an informed decision about donating your sperm, eggs or embryos.

Who may need your donation?

Many different people need the help of a donor to start their family. They may include:

  • single women
  • women in same-sex relationships
  • heterosexual couples
  • men experiencing male infertility
  • transgender or gender-diverse people

Your generosity can help these people achieve their dream of having a family.

Important questions

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The sperm, egg or embryo donation process

Getting started

Our donor team at Monash IVF will guide you through the steps required to become a sperm, egg or embryo donor. We’ll support you and do our best to make the donoation process as easy as possible. We are always available to answer your questions.

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The sperm, egg or embryo donation process

Testing and screening

Prior to your donation, you will be required to participate in infectious and genetic screening, and a semen analysis (for sperm donation) as part of our assessment of your suitability for donation.

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The sperm, egg or embryo donation process

Clinic appointment

Next, you’ll meet one of our fertility specialists. They will review your personal medical history, test results and semen analysis results (where applicable). It is important that you are able to provide a detailed medical history so that it can be passed onto any donor-conceived children.

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The sperm, egg or embryo donation process


Attending a donor counselling session is an essential step in the process, as it helps you work through the potential impacts of becoming a donor. It is important that you are well informed about the future implications of your donation, so counselling is mandatory for all sperm, egg and embryo donors. In Victoria, this involves at least two mandatory sessions. If you have a partner, they will also need to attend the counselling with you, so that they understand any potential implications of your donation on them, and their current or future family.

During the counselling sessions, your counsellor will explain your rights and responsibilities as a donor, and answer any questions you may have.

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The sperm, egg or embryo donation process


Your fertility specialist and the Monash IVF clinical team will guide you through the steps required to collect your donation. For sperm donors, this involves providing a semen sample within the private facilities of our clinics. We usually require between five-10 separate donations in order to achieve the right volume of sperm, and these visits will be spaced out about a week apart.

For egg donation, a managed cycle and egg collection procedure will generally be required, unless you already have eggs in storage ready to donate.

Embryo donation results from excess embryos which were created for your own use but which you may no longer require. Excess embryos can be donated to someone else once all of the other donor requirements have been met.

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The sperm, egg or embryo donation process

Sperm, egg or embryo quarantine

Following your donation, your sperm, egg or embryos will be frozen and may need to be quarantined for a period of time. Following this quarantine period, you will undergo further blood and/or urine screening to ensure your donation can be safely used by another. Once this is confirmed, your donation will be available for use and may go on to help someone achieve their dream of having a family.

Common questions

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If you’re interested in becoming a donor, call 1800 730 431 or contact our team below. We'll be in touch with you to provide you with more information.

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