Adjuvant Therapies

Adjuvant therapy, also known as adjunct therapy, or 'add-ons', comprises a group of medical interventions that are given alone or in combination in addition to the standard IVF treatment.

It is important to note that for many of these add-ons there is little or no evidence of their effectiveness to improve live birth rates. Nevertheless, your fertility specialist may decide to offer these treatments to individualise the care of your IVF treatment.

Monash IVF has made a number of fact sheets on add-ons to help you make a fully informed decision, these are available via the links below. Before you agree, you will need to weigh the evidence that this add-on may help you against the side effects it may cause, the known risks to mother and baby, as well as the extra costs.


For further information on PIEZO-ICSI, please click here.

Androderm Patch

For further information on Androderm Patch, please click here.


For further information on Aspirin, please click here.


For further information on Cabergoline, please click here.


For further information on Clexane, please click here.


For further information on Dexamethasone, please click here.


For further information on Prednisolone, please click here.

Recombinant Growth Hormone

For further information on Recombinant Growth Hormone, please click here.


For further information on Viagra, please click here.

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