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If you're looking to donate your embryos - Monash IVF can support you through this complex and emotional process.

Some people who undergo IVF treatment may have excess frozen embryos left at the end of their treatment. Deciding what to do with these remaining embryos can be a complex and emotional process.

There are a number of different options available to you - including donating your excess embryos to another individual or couple. We walk you through these options below.

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Donating your excess embryos

Some patients with remaining embryos may decide to donate them to another individual or couple to help them realise their dream of having a family. This is a truly generous and selfless act.

The reasons behind this decision can vary. Some people want others to benefit from the science that helped them achieve a family, or to give their excess embryos a chance at life. Others may be driven by the desire to help someone else who has infertility issues.

Embryo donations are not anonymous

It’s important to keep in mind that embryo donations are not anonymous. Once they turn 16 years of age, donor-conceived children born from donated embryos can access identifying information about their donors.

We encourage you to think about the implications for you, your children and your family should you choose to donate embryos. It is important you understand and accept that embryo donation may mean that a genetically-related child will be brought up in another family.

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