Understanding Success Rates

We understand that interpreting success rates and comparing fertility clinics can be challenging. It’s important to us that you’re able to make an informed decision when choosing a fertility provider. That’s why we have put together two independent resources to assist you.

Independent Guidance on Interpreting Success Rates

This resource has been developed by ACCESS Australia, an independent organisation representing IVF patients, to help you understand success rates. You can view this resource here.

Another resource is YourIVFSuccess.com.au. YourIVFSuccess is a website funded by the Australian Government to provide Australians with independent information on success rates of all IVF clinics in Australia. It’s important to note that YourIVFSuccess does not take into account the use of donor gametes in fertility treatment, or your unique clinical situation.

This website uses data from the Australian and New Zealand Assisted Reproduction Database (ANZARD), which was last published in 2021. The success rates on Monash IVF’s website are more current however so it is worth looking at both sites.

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