AMH Blood Test

The AMH level test is a simple blood test that measures your ovarian reserve - the number of remaining eggs in your ovaries. It does this by measuring your level of anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) that is produced by the small follicles that support the eggs.

The AMH test test gives a good indication as to whether you have an average egg supply for your age, or have a below average or above average egg supply. The AMH test does not tell you anything about the quality of those eggs; that it largely determined by your age.


What is the ovarian reserve?

Your ovarian reserve is the number of eggs left in your ovaries.

Incredibly, women are born with around 1 million eggs - but your egg supply declines naturally with age and through ovulation (when you release an egg as part of your menstrual cycle).

The rate at which your egg supply declines varies, though - every woman is different. Around 10% of women will experience an accelerated loss, where their egg supply declines faster than normal.

If you’re thinking of trying for a baby, the AMH is a good place to start.

AMH is produced by granulosa cells in the developing early antral follicles of a woman’s ovaries. As your eggs decline, so do the number of antral follicles - and with them your level of AMH.

Common questions

Average AMH levels by age


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Planning on having kids one day? Then it’s worth considering the AMH test. If you're keen to know about your fertility and ovarian reserve, we suggest talking to your fertility specialist.
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