Early Intervention

At Monash IVF, we’re passionate about helping you get pregnant with the least amount of intervention possible. So if you’ve been trying for a baby for a while, you may want to consider some early intervention options. These options are minimally invasive - and far less expensive than more comprehensive fertility treatments such as IVF.
How to Get Started

How to get started

Educate yourself.

We offer a number of early intervention options to help you get pregnant. Educating yourself is a great place to start.

Chat to a nurse.

Book a complimentary chat with one of our expert fertility nurses. They’ll talk through any questions you might have and offer guidance on next steps.

Book a consult with a fertility specialist.

Your specialist will take an in-depth medical history, and order some scans and tests. Based on the results, they’ll tailor a treatment plan specifically for you.

Common questions

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Start your fertility journey

Wherever you are on your journey, one of our supportive nurse enquiry team can help you understand your options and take the next step. These conversations are free and informative.

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