Sperm Freezing

Freezing your sperm - whether for medical or other reasons - can provide you with options later on. If you have a medical issue such as cancer that requires chemotherapy or radiotherapy, we suggest you talk to your oncologist and fertility specialist as soon as possible.

Together, they will guide you through the process by recommending the best fertility preservation options for you.

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For more information or to make an appointment for sperm freezing, please contact your local Monash IVF clinic. If you are based in Victoria, please call our Andrology team on 1800 731 672 to book an appointment.

Please note: if you are a regional patient, please contact your local Monash IVF clinic for recommendations of preferred laboratories in your region.

Costs to Freeze Sperm

Some men may choose to safeguard their future fertility options to use at a later date for a variety of reasons. Sperm freezing involves the collection, vitrification (freezing), and storage of sperm. Later, when the time is right, the sperm requires thawing to then be used in IVF or IUI.

At the moment, there is no Medicare rebate for sperm freezing. At Monash IVF, there are fees for the initial collection of the sperm and fees per year for storage. We also offer a few different payment options, including the use of ZipMoney.

Chat with one of our consultants to find more information: 1800 674 792

    How Does Freezing Your Sperm Work

    First, you’ll need to produce a sperm sample which can be done in a way that is right for you. While it is a self-collected sample, it’s recommended to produce the sample in a private andrology suite at one of our clinics. However, you can also arrange to do this at home as long as the sample is not exposed to extreme temperatures and is brought in within one hour.

    Once collected, the sperm will be extracted from the semen, counted and assessed for quality, and then frozen. This method, called vitrification, involves keeping the sperm stored at a freezing temperature for a period of time. Each state has a different time limit depending on regulations.

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    Freezing Sperm for IVF

    Depending on your health and social, cultural, or religious beliefs, sperm retrieval can be carried out in a few different ways, which you’ll discuss with our nurses and fertility specialists. When done correctly, this process for IVF isn’t less effective than using fresh sperm. However, not all sperm will survive the freezing and thawing process. It’s good to remember though that not all the sperm has to be thawed and used at once.

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    Freezing Sperm for IUI

    For IUI (intrauterine insemination), using sperm that’s been frozen and thawed out is possible. There’s no significant difference in results between using fresh or frozen sperm for IUI. Instead, that’s more dependent on the individual and the quality of the sperm which will be assessed upon the initial collection.

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