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Dr Darshika Christie-David

Dr Darshika Christie-David is an Endocrinologist and Specialist in the treatment of Infertility. Darshika’s special interest is understanding and treating infertility in relation to the endocrine system.

Darshika has nearly a decade of experience as a reproductive Endocrinologist. After achieving first class honours for her medical degree, Darshika completed physician training at Concord Hospital and specialist training in Endocrinology at Westmead Hospital. This experience fuelled her to continue with her interest in fertility and subsequently she completed her Masters in Medicine with a focus on Reproductive Health and Human Genetics at the University of Sydney.

Darshika has clinical experience managing many endocrine issues surrounding fertility including andrology (male hormone problems), PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), pituitary problems, thyroid conditions, diabetes and metabolic disease. She also understands the significance of genetic factors in achieving a pregnancy.

Darshika is very thorough in her approach to endocrine investigations. Knowing how this can affect fertility in both men and women, she ensures a thorough analysis of a patient and their partner and provides evidence based treatment options for her patients. Darshika is often described as being warm and compassionate in her approach. She takes the time to provide up to date accurate information for her patients and ensures all of her patients understand their diagnosis and treatment plan.

Darshika is a Clinical Lecturer in Medicine at the University of Sydney. She is involved in teaching and supervision of physician trainees. She continues her role as Head of Endocrinology at the Northern Beaches Hospital whilst also holding positions at Royal North Shore Hospital and the Northern Beaches Health Service. Darshika consults from her rooms in Frenchs Forest and Mona Vale, patients needing fertility treatment are seen at Monash IVF in Sydney’s CBD.

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