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Monash Surgical Private Hospital
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252-256 Clayton Road
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You are able to receive treatments and services from a number of different Monash IVF locations that are close to you, including IVF Clayton.

Everything is available to you in one convenient location at our Monash IVF Clayton clinic.

Located within Monash Surgical Private Hospital, Monash IVF Clayton offers a full service clinic with no need to travel to other locations.

Our clinic has been providing services in the Clayton area since 1991, offering numerous options to women and couples.

Monash IVF Clayton comprises a multi-disciplinary team of Fertility Specialists, Fertility Nurses, Scientists, Geneticists, Counsellors and Patient Coordinators, meaning everything is right on your door step. Our team will work closely with you to ensure you have the best possible chance of having a baby.

Monash IVF Clayton Services:

Other services available through our Fertility Specialists:

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