NSW Government Rebate For Patients Undergoing IVF In NSW


30 May 2022

On Sunday 29 May 2022, the NSW Government announced an $80 million package to support people undergoing fertility treatment and IVF in NSW. Here’s an overview of what was announced and what it means for you.

1. $2000 rebate for NSW patients undergoing fertility treatment

The NSW Government announced a $2000 rebate for people undergoing fertility treatment and IVF in NSW. This rebate scheme will open on 1 January 2023. Patients who have undergone an eligible procedure from 1 October 2022 can submit a claim. This rebate will initially be open to 12,000 eligible patients.

If you’re planning on undergoing fertility treatment or IVF in NSW and want to access this rebate, we recommend booking in to see one of our fertility specialists now. This gives you time to complete fertility investigations and have a treatment plan developed, so that by 1 October 2022 you’ll be ready to begin treatment and may be able to access the rebate on 1 January 2023.

To book an appointment with one of our NSW fertility specialists, click here. Alternatively, you can call our team to book an appointment on 1800 674 792 (free call) selecting option 2 for new enquiries.

2. Extended rebate for fertility testing – now $250 rebate

In 2019, the NSW Government began offering a $500 rebate for pre-IVF fertility testing. The NSW Government has announced that this rebate for fertility testing in NSW will be extended. This rebate will now be capped at $250, because the NSW Government found that few patients were accessing the full $500 rebate.

If you are based in NSW and are undergoing a fertility health check or fertility investigations, you may be eligible for this pre-IVF rebate from the NSW Government. To access this rebate your fertility specialist needs to fill out a Pre-IVF Fertility Testing Rebate form for you. Your NSW fertility specialist can provide you with more information about your eligibility for this rebate.

3. Paid fertility treatment leave for teachers, nurses and other NSW public servants

The NSW Government announced that they will provide five days of paid fertility treatment leave for teachers, nurses and other NSW public servants. This is wonderful news to help ease the emotional and physical burden of fertility treatment for NSW public servants. Monash IVF offers all of our employees paid fertility treatment leave. We hope that other organisations follow suit, and that other states will follow the lead of NSW and make IVF leave commonplace all over Australia.

We commend the NSW Government for its decision to provide extra support to IVF patients.

We hope that this will help patients undergoing IVF in NSW, allowing more people to achieve their dream of starting or building their families.

Further details about timing and eligibility criteria for these rebates will be provided by the NSW Government when they share their upcoming Budget on 21 June 2022.

If you want to access IVF in NSW, Monash IVF are here to help. We have clinics across NSW in the Sydney CBD, Parramatta, Penrith, Bondi Junction, Albury and Wagga Wagga. Our NSW fertility specialists are highly qualified and experienced in providing IVF in NSW, and we offer several different fertility treatment services. To book an appointment with a NSW fertility specialist, click here. To find a NSW fertility specialist close to you, click here.

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