Mentally Preparing For IVF


16 March 2021

At Monash IVF, we firmly believe in the importance of being properly prepared for the IVF journey. This article offers some guidance on things to consider in mentally preparing for your IVF treatment.

Educating Yourself on the IVF Process

In preparing for your IVF cycle, it can be very helpful to understand what to expect – how might your body respond to the medications? What are the things you should avoid during your cycle? What can you do more of to try and maximise your chances of success? The more you know about what you are about to venture into, the more prepared you will feel.

Our website has a wealth of information on IVF and the IVF process and our complimentary nurse chats are also available for those who would like to speak to someone over the phone. Aside from that, our team of specialists will make sure to provide you with as much information as possible at your appointments so that you go through your IVF cycle knowing what to expect.

Understanding the Financial Cost of IVF

We all know there is a stigma around the cost of IVF. Many perceive IVF treatment as something too expensive or something with sneaky hidden costs, however, at Monash IVF, we create personalised financial quotes and run you through every cost involved in your treatment so that you have full transparency on the financials.

We understand that breaking down the IVF costs may be confusing or overwhelming. That’s why our highly experienced accounts team are readily available to answer any question you may have about IVF costs. You will receive all the information that you need regarding IVF costs before the commencement of your treatment.

To help you ease your mind further, Medicare can provide rebates for some of the IVF costs involved in your treatment. In addition, Medicare also offers The Medicare Safety Net Threshold, a scheme that allows for an additional rebate for those with costs that exceed their annual threshold. If you have private health insurance, even more of the IVF costs could be covered, however these further rebates will differ from provider to provider.

Understanding the costs involved will provide you with clarity, peace of mind and certainty going into your treatment.

Looking After Your Relationship

The IVF experience can be overwhelming and can sometimes feel like it is all-consuming. The difference in experiences between the women going through IVF and their partners can make it hard for couples to know how to support each other. Being the partner who isn’t taking a physical part in the process can often be confusing and finding ways to support your other half can be difficult. The key to finding what works comes down to clear communication. Put aside time each day to check in with each other and to make sure that you are providing the right kind of support for them.

Building Your Support Network

It can be very beneficial to have a support network outside of your relationship. The circle of people you choose to confide in may include your close friends, siblings, or parents. This can relieve the stress of keeping a portion of your life closed off from those closest to you. You can choose to involve as many or as little people as you want in your journey, the most important thing is that you feel supported.

The Monash IVF team also form an essential part of your support network. We have many patient resources available to help you mentally prepare for IVF. If you have queries about IVF in general, we offer complimentary nurse chats to shed light on any concerns you may have. We also provide fertility counselling for individuals and couples, for psychological guidance and care throughout the whole IVF process.

Fitting in Regular Self-Care

Going through IVF can be difficult, both physically and mentally. It’s important to put yourself first and to make sure your body and your mind and getting what they need. Make sure to keep active, enjoy good food and indulge in the little things that make you happy. If that means a 20-minute nap in the middle of the day, take it! If it means treating yourself to a manicure, go ahead and book it in! Going through IVF is serious business, but it shouldn’t mean losing sight of other things that make you happy.

How we can help

Whether you are about to begin your IVF journey, or if you’ve already started an IVF cycle, we are here to help answer any of your queries – no matter how big or small. Please don’t hesitate to call our clinic on 1800 730 431 or to book a complimentary nurse chat today.

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