Genetic Carrier Screening Test Instructions

Please use this test kit to submit a saliva sample for your genetic carrier screening. Do not eat, drink (including water), smoke, chew gum or brush your teeth for 30 minutes prior to providing your sample. You can expect the following steps to take 2-5 minutes to complete.
Genetic carrier screening instructions step1

How to Provide a Saliva Sample

Step 1

Fill out the sticky label with your details, peel it off the backing paper and stick it on the tube.

If you don't have a MRN number, please ignore this field.

Note, dates are in USA format (MM/DD/YYYY).

Genetic carrier screening instructions step2

How to Provide a Saliva Sample

Step 2

Place the sponge end of the swab comfortably on the left side of mouth and rub the lower gums between your gum and the side of your mouth 10 times in a back and forth motion.

Repeat this process on the right side of your mouth.

Genetic carrier screening instructions step3

How to Provide a Saliva Sample

Step 3

Holding the tube upright (sponge facing up) and unscrew the cap from the tube. Make sure not to spill any of the liquid.

Turn the cap upside down, insert the sponge end into the tube so that it is submerged in the liquid, and screw the cap tightly closed.

Genetic carrier screening instructions step4

How to Provide a Saliva Sample

Step 4

Turn the sealed tube upside down and shake vigorously at least 15 times.

Genetic carrier screening instructions step5

How to Provide a Saliva Sample

Step 5

Insert the tube into the provided biohazard bag and seal the bag.

Place the sealed bag(s) and completed form(s) back into the kit box.

How to return your sample(s)

Step 1

Seal the saliva tube(s) in the provided specimen bag(s) and place the bag(s) into the cardboard box along with completed forms. If you still have it, please also include your doctor referral.

Step 2

Return your kit to Monash IVF.

Option 1: Place the box inside the reply-paid envelope and mail it back to us. The postal address will already be on the envelope.

Option 2: Drop the box off at an eligible clinic. A list of clinics can be found below.

Step 3

Wait to hear from our Genetic Counselling team with your results.

Results can take up to 6 weeks.

Eligible Clinics

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