Single Women

Creating families

More single women are choosing to have children as a solo parent. This involves using donor sperm in IVF, or assisted conception with donor sperm insemination. Over the years, we’ve helped over 4000 single women have a baby.

Egg freezing

If you aren’t ready to start a family, you can think about egg freezing as a way of preserving your fertility. Your healthy eggs are collected and stored for future fertilisation and embryo transfer. Your eggs don’t age in the freezer like they do in your body.


If you’re thinking about getting pregnant soon, talk to a fertility specialist about your options. We’ll start by looking at your medical and reproductive health history, and some tests on your fertility.Fertility tests may include:

  • blood tests
  • urine tests
  • a pelvic ultrasound
  • a ‘HyCoSy’ – an ultrasound that checks your tubes are working.

Some blood tests (the AMH blood test) combined with ultrasound let us assess your ovarian reserve (how many eggs you have left).Even if you aren’t ready for pregnancy, seeing your fertility specialist can help you decide how soon you should think about treatment.


We’ll develop a treatment plan that works for you.Depending on your age, fertility and general health, treatment choices might include:

  • donor insemination
  • donor insemination with induction of ovulation
  • IVF
  • use of donor eggs (if you can't use your own eggs)
  • donor eggs and donor sperm
  • surrogacy
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Start your fertility journey

Wherever you are on your journey, one of our supportive nurse enquiry team can help you understand your options and take the next step. These conversations are free and informative.

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