[{"name":"Recent unauthorised activity targeting the email system of Monash IVF","excerpt":"What has happened? Monash IVF is aware that a number of our patients have received scam emails pretending to be from Monash IVF, but which we did not send. While...","link":"https:\/\/monashivf.com\/recent-unauthorised-activity-targeting-the-email-system-of-monash-ivf\/"},{"name":"Fertility Foods \u2013 Salmon and Avocado Pasta","excerpt":"When trying to conceive, it’s important to assess your diet and lifestyle. Many research studies show that eating certain foods, whilst avoiding some others can have a positive impact on...","link":"https:\/\/monashivf.com\/fertility-foods-salmon-and-avocado-pasta\/"},{"name":"Fertility Foods \u2013 Fluffy Buckwheat Pancakes","excerpt":"A large study completed by Harvard Medical School has found that by eating certain foods – and avoiding others – women can boost their fertility.   When trying to conceive,...","link":"https:\/\/monashivf.com\/food-fertility-fluffy-buckwheat-pancakes\/"},{"name":"Our surrogacy laws in Australia are not keeping up with the Kardashians","excerpt":"By Dr Bronwyn Devine Kim Kardashian is currently expecting her third child, using a surrogate in the US who will earn a reported $113,000. It’s an eye watering sum,...","link":"https:\/\/monashivf.com\/surrogacy-laws-not-keeping-kardashians\/"},{"name":"Mardi Gras Film Festival 2017","excerpt":"Monash IVF is a proud sponsor of Queer Screen’s Mardi Gras Film Festival 2017. The LGBTIQ event will be showing almost 100 film screenings across Sydney, Canberra and regional NSW....","link":"https:\/\/monashivf.com\/mardi-gras-film-festival-2017\/"},{"name":"Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act Review","excerpt":"  HAVE YOUR SAY!   The Victorian Government announced recently that a 12 month review of the regulatory framework for assisted reproductive treatment would be undertaken by Mr Michael Gorton...","link":"https:\/\/monashivf.com\/assisted-reproductive-treatment-act-review\/"},{"name":"NSW\u2019s new sperm donor partnership","excerpt":"Coming soon: Browse from a range of sperm donors via the Monash IVF website. Founded in 1977, California Cryobank (Cryobank) is an international sperm banking leader, and the largest company...","link":"https:\/\/monashivf.com\/nsws-new-sperm-donor-partnership\/"},{"name":"Using International Donor sperm","excerpt":"Monash IVF is proud of the exclusive Australian partnership with California Cryobank and our direct program whereby donors are specifically selected for our donor program and comply with all Australian...","link":"https:\/\/monashivf.com\/using-donor-sperm\/"},{"name":"Egg Freezing \u2013 Social Reasons","excerpt":"On this page Choosing to freeze your eggs The egg freezing process Using your frozen eggs Should I freeze my eggs? Costs of egg freezing Other options Choosing to...","link":"https:\/\/monashivf.com\/fertility-treatments\/fertility-preservation\/egg-freezing-social-reasons\/"},{"name":"Chinese IVF Tourism Partnership","excerpt":"Monash IVF Group will commence treating overseas Chinese couples wanting to extend their family as a result of the Chinese government relaxing their laws around the single-child policy. AC International...","link":"https:\/\/monashivf.com\/chinese-ivf-tourism-partnership\/"},{"name":"Replace Make Enquiry Button","excerpt":"a:10:{s:4:”type”;s:7:”wysiwyg”;s:12:”instructions”;s:59:”This will remove the make enquiry button to a WYSIWYG field”;s:8:”required”;i:0;s:17:”conditional_logic”;i:0;s:7:”wrapper”;a:3:{s:5:”width”;s:0:””;s:5:”class”;s:0:””;s:2:”id”;s:0:””;}s:13:”default_value”;s:0:””;s:4:”tabs”;s:3:”all”;s:7:”toolbar”;s:4:”full”;s:12:”media_upload”;i:1;s:5:”delay”;i:0;}...","link":"https:\/\/monashivf.com\/?post_type=acf-field&p=2349"}]