Not all IVF clinics in Melbourne are born equal.

Accessing IVF clinics is easy with 48 locations in Melbourne and surrounds.

We understand trying for a baby can be frustrating, but you’re not alone. We also know that understanding fertility treatments often isn’t easy, but we are here to make the process as smooth as possible. We want to understand you, and our personalised treatments leave us proud to welcome a Monash IVF miracle into the world every 2.5 hours. That’s 35,000 babies and counting.

We set the highest standards to make sure our IVF clinics and specialists are the best in Melbourne, so you can trust you’re in expert hands.

Choosing an IVF Clinic in Melbourne isn’t always easy

Thousands of Australians have trouble conceiving.

Taking the first step in getting started is easy and begins with choosing an IVF fertility specialist.
This can be done in the privacy of your own home and can be based on a number of aspects such as location, wait time, family or friend recommendations or identifying with their profile. You can view all Monash IVF fertility doctor profiles here.

When you’ve chosen a specialist, you can make an appointment easily online or over the phone.
An important thing to note is that making an appointment doesn’t always mean you will need to complete IVF treatment. Our specialists are here to put your care first and may recommend a different treatment option.

Monash IVF clinic costs in Melbourne

Your approximate out of pocket cost* is $4,846 per IVF Cycle

The above quoted IVF price may go down once you have reached a certain amount of medical expenses per year via the Medicare Safety Net.

IVF – after Medicare Safety Net $4,281*

What are the different types of IVF treatments in Melbourne?

For a full breakdown of treatment costs please view our Victorian costs page.

Fees correct as at January 1st, 2020.

*Based on having private health insurance and Medicare. Final out of pocket costs will depend on patients’ individual circumstances.
Please note: cycle fees are not inclusive of day hospital procedure fees, specialist consultations or any extra medication you may require.

Medicare Safety Net
Once you reach a certain amount of medical expenses per calendar year, the Medicare Safety Net may provide higher rebates meaning you pay less. The Medicare Safety Net threshold for 2020 is $2169.20.

For any queries about whether you have reached your Medicare Safety Net and are eligible for further rebate please contact Medicare on 132 011.

Free call 1800 628 533 to speak to an IVF Nurse or fill out the enquiry form »

IVF Specialists in Melbourne

Monash IVF has some of the best IVF doctors in Melbourne and the world.
Search our full list of IVF specialists here.

The Process of IVF

Many of our patients undertake a short IVF cycle called an Antagonist Cycle. The Antagonist Cycle generally has a 4 week time frame from a patient telephoning with their period to pregnancy test. This treatment is much quicker, has less side effects and is less stressful, so couples see results earlier.

Step 1 – GP referral to the clinic in the name of both you and your partner (if you have one)

Step 2 – Initial consultation where your specialist will order all pathology testing and investigations

Step 3 – Follow up consultation where your specialist will prepare your treatment plan based on the outcome of your pathology results and investigations

Step 4 – Day 1 – commence your cycle, call the clinic and find out when you will have your first monitoring blood test and ultrasound

Step 5 – Continue to monitor your cycle safely to egg collection whilst taking medication

Step 6 – Egg Collection

Step 7 – Embryo grown to Day 5 (Blastocyst)

Step 8 – Embryo Transfer

Step 9 – Pregnancy test

Read more about the IVF Process here

Starting the journey

People are often unsure of what to expect when approaching fertility and understandably have a lot of questions.

We offer a free 15 minute chat with a qualified Fertility Nurse to help answer those questions and help you make an informed decision. Our Fertility Nurse Jo has over 18 years’ experience and can answer any questions you have about getting pregnant, discuss our available treatments and the next steps to take.