Some of our patients use natural or complementary therapies (also called alternative therapies) as part of their fertility treatment. Everyone seems to know someone who has achieved a miraculous pregnancy through the use of holistic therapies.

Whilst definitive scientific data is somewhat limited, we do know that these treatments can produce results for patients in some circumstances. Whether it is the treatments, the patient management, the sense of being assisted, or the feeling of wellbeing, self-confidence or calm that comes from these treatments is unknown.

There is somewhat limited scientific evidence that complementary therapies improve your chances of having a baby. What we do know is, these therapies can improve your general health and wellbeing.

Fertility treatment and its uncertainty can be a stressful experience. Some research has shown a link between stress and fertility treatment. We understand some natural or complementary therapies are designed to reduce stress and anxiety. We support you if you want to try these therapies as part of your fertility journey.

Talk to your fertility specialist

It is important to tell your fertility specialist about any therapies or supplements you’re taking so we can check nothing will interfere with your fertility treatments.

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