Freezing sperm is an option for men who want to preserve their fertility. Sperm can be stored for long periods of time and then thawed for an insemination or IVF technique.

Freezing sperm might be an option if:

  • you’re about to start chemotherapy or radiotherapy that may impair fertility*
  • you have a very low sperm count that might fall to zero over time
  • you’re about to have a surgery or a vasectomy
  • you are considering undergoing gender-affirming intervention
  • you’re completing IUI or IVF treatment and can’t produce fresh samples during treatment.

If you have a medical issue, such as cancer, that requires chemotherapy or radiotherapy, it’s important to talk to your oncologist and fertility specialist about the best fertility preservation options for you.

Freezing your sperm

Monash IVF works with Australian Clinical Labs to freeze your sperm.

You will need a referral letter from your GP or your fertility specialist, before making an appointment with Australian Clinical Labs.

Producing your sperm sample

Before producing your sample, we recommend you don’t have sex or ejaculate for at least 2 days, but no more than 7 days. Your sample is collected via masturbation at home or in a private room at the clinic.

If you’re producing your sample at home, it’s important the sample is brought to Australian Clinical Labs within 1 hour. You should keep the sample as close to body temperature as possible, in a pocket close to your body. You’ll still need an appointment if you produce from home.

Monash IVF tip: If masturbation is not possible for medical, social, cultural, or religious reasons, talk to Australian Clinical Labs about getting a special condom so you can produce your sample via intercourse.

Storing sperm

Scientifically, there’s no limit on how long sperm can be frozen but the length can vary depending on each state’s rules.

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact Australian Clinical Labs on 1300 453 688.

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