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Professor Robert McLachlan

Professor Robert McLachlan graduated from Monash University and completed advanced training in Internal Medicine and Endocrinology before undertaking his PhD studies in the area of reproductive physiology at Monash University in Melbourne. Prof McLachlan then worked as a visiting scientist at the University of Washington, Seattle USA, returning to Monash in 1990 to continue his research work in the hormonal regulation of reproductive function.

Prof McLachlan is a Principal Research Fellow of the Australian NHMRC, and has receiving continuous research funding at the Hudson Institute of Medical Research. Together with scientists at Monash University, he has undertaken basic and clinical research into male contraception and infertility, and the role of androgens. He has particular interests in the genetics of male infertility, the optimal use of assisted reproduction and the follow up on ART offspring health.

Prof McLachlan has been Consultant Andrologist to the Monash IVF program since 1991 serving as the inaugural Chairman of the  Monash IVF Research and Education Foundation. He is a past President of the Fertility Society of Australia, a consultant to the World Health Organization on male fertility regulation and Director of Andrology Australia which is a Federal government initiative, based at Monash, that is committed to research and community and professional education in male reproductive health.

He has published more than 200 papers and serves on editorial boards of leading endocrine and andrology journals, and as Editor of the Male Reproduction Section of www.ENDOTEXT.org. In 2016, he was made a Member in the Order of Australia for services to medicine in the field of endocrinology, particularly to men’s reproductive health, and to medical research.