IVF Costs Victoria

At Monash IVF, our patients have access to some of the best fertility treatment in Australia, and the world, can offer.

We understand that sometimes IVF costs can be confusing and that each patient has individual circumstances and treatment needs.

We believe that being informed is the key to making the right decision for you and your family. Our experienced accounts team are available to discuss any IVF cost queries you may have when you meet with them for your accounts appointment prior to commencing treatment.

The table below provides an estimate of your out of pocket expenses for fertility treatment with Monash IVF.

IVF Costs & Treatment Costs Victoria

Approximate Out of Pocket Cost*
Initial IVF Cycle$5,927.75
Subsequent IVF Cycle – after Medicare Safety Net$5,292.35
Initial IVF w/ ICSI Cycle$6,530.45
Subsequent IVF w/ ICSI – after Medicare Safety Net$5,892.05
IUI Cycle$1,397.90
Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)$2,700.25

Fees correct as at July 1st, 2023.

*Based on having private health insurance and Medicare. Final out of pocket costs will depend on patients’ individual circumstances.

Please note that cycle fees are not inclusive of day hospital procedure fees, specialist consultations or any extra medication you may require.

Please note that a 0.8% payment surcharge is applicable on all debit and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express) transactions.

Medicare Safety Net

Once you reach a certain amount of medical expenses per calendar year, the Medicare Safety Net may provide higher rebates meaning you pay less. The Medicare Safety Net threshold for 2024 is $2,544.30.

For any queries about whether you have reached your Medicare Safety Net and are eligible for further rebate please contact Medicare on 132 011.

Monash IVF Victoria Donor & Surrogacy Program Fees

The Monash IVF Donor & Surrogacy Program has an initial non-refundable fee which is payable before accessing the program.

This fee relates to, but is not limited to:

  • Completion of a clearance process to confirm that donors, recipients, surrogates, and/or intended parents have met all mandatory requirements for treatment
  • Managing donor allocations in line with family limit allowances
  • Management of updated information now, or in the future, including medical information relating to donors, or their offspring which may impact on the well-being of children born as a result of the donation
  • Record keeping and updating of Government held registers in line with regulatory requirements and regular reporting
Fee Type
Associated Registration Fees
Overseas Clinic Recruited Sperm Donor$1,575
Monash IVF Clinic Recruited Sperm Donor
Monash IVF Clinic Recruited Egg Donor

Monash IVF Clinic Recruited Embryo Donor

Recipient Recruited/Known Sperm, Egg or Embryo Donor
$1,750 each
Combined Clinic Recruited Sperm & Egg Donor
Two Reservations with Clinic Recruited Donor
$2,500 each

Fees effective 16th of October, 2023.

*Additional Donor Gamete/Embryo Reservation Fees also may apply and will be determined as a part of your individual treatment plan.

*Please note these fees do not attract a Medicare rebate.

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