How to pay for your treatment

We understand that sometimes fertility treatment can be both physically and emotionally taxing and the cost of treatment can add an unnecessary element of stress. That’s why at Monash IVF, we’re committed to providing you with flexible payment plans and helping you understand your financial options.

Payment Plans

Partial Payment Upfront Full Payment Upfront
What is it?
    You elect to pay the “Gap” between the total treatment cost and the Medicare Rebate (this excludes any Medicare Safety Net you may be eligible for, as this is claimed by you at a later date).
    You elect to pay two instalments prior to egg collection. From payment of the first instalment to receiving the Safety Net Rebate takes approximately 5-6 weeks.
Why would I choose this option?
    You do not need to pay the full cost of the treatment upfront.
    You receive Medicare rebates and safety net entitlements quicker under this plan.
How does it work?
  • Full payment of the Gap amount is made by you to Monash IVF prior to the collection of medication (Instalment 1).
  • Monash IVF will submit a claim direct to Medicare for the remainder of the cycle cost.
  • Medicare will send a cheque for the balance of the cycle to you and you will need to forward this payment to Monash IVF (Instalment 2)
  • Monash IVF will provide you with an itemised tax receipt (once they have received the Instalment 2 Medicare payment from you).
  • You can then make a claim for the Medicare Safety Net Rebate.
  • You pay an initial instalment prior to the collection of medication (Instalment 1).
  • You pay a second and final instalment prior to egg collection (Instalment 2).
  • Monash IVF will send an itemised invoice to Medicare after egg collection.
  • You will receive Medicare and Safety Net rebates (within 2-4 business days of lodgement of the itemised invoice by Monash IVF).

Example Payment Plan

Example Payment Plan

* The above $ values are an example only, the cost and exact instalment amounts may vary depending on the individual treatment plan.

For Medicare rebate and safety net eligibility rules, please refer to

Payment Options

No Fees Applicable

Direct Transfer

Patients are able to make payment by transferring funds directly into the Monash IVF bank account. Please note that patients are not able to make payment in cash directly at the clinics. There are no fees applicable on direct transfer.


Patients are able to make payment for their treatment by EFTPOS card. This can be done in-clinic or by phone on (03) 9420 8268. There are no fees applicable on EFTPOS transactions.

Debit and Credit Card

Patients are able to make payment for their treatment by debit or credit card (Mastercard & VISA). This can be done in clinic, online at or by phone on (03) 9420 8268. Please note that a 0.8% payment surcharge is applicable on all debit and credit card transactions.


ZipMoney allows patients to access treatment earlier with no payment required upfront. Patients apply directly to Zip money for a 6 or 12-month interest free^ payment plan.

To find out more about Zip Money at Monash IVF, please visit

  • Available to ZipMoney approved applicants only. Maximum amount that can be borrowed is $15,000 – inclusive of the $6 monthly account fee and $99 establishment fee. The repayment amount advertised may not repay the balance within the interest free period. Minimum monthly payments required. Any balance outstanding at the expiry of the interest free period will be charged interest by ZipMoney at the standard annual percentage rate, currently 19.9%.


Accessing Superannuation

Patients may be able to access their superannuation to assist with paying for IVF treatment.

  • Patients are able to apply to access their superannuation directly through the ATO.
  • Alternatively SuperCare, an external service provider assists both individuals and their families in accessing their superannuation.

It can take up to four weeks to receive payment from superannuation funds, so this process should occur prior to treatment commencing.


For further information about the payment plans or options for payment, please email or call 03 9429 9188.