Partial Payment Upfront


The partial payment upfront is where a patient elects to pay the “Gap” between the total treatment cost and the Medicare Rebate (this excludes any Medicare Safety Net they may be eligible for, as this is claimed at a later date by the patient).

Why would I choose this option?

  • The patient does not need to pay the full cost of the treatment upfront

How it works…

  • Full payment of the Gap amount is made by the patient to Monash IVF prior to the collection of medication (Instalment 1)
  • Monash IVF will submit a claim direct to Medicare for the remainder of the cycle cost
  • Medicare will send a cheque for the balance of the cycle to the patient who will need to forward this payment to Monash IVF (Instalment 2)
  • Monash IVF will provide an itemised tax receipt (once they have received the Instalment 2 Medicare payment from the patient)
  • The patient can make a claim for the Medicare Safety Net Rebate


Full Payment Upfront


The Full payment option involves two instalment payments being made prior to egg collection.

From payment of the first instalment to receiving the Safety Net Rebate takes approximately 6-7 weeks.

Why would I choose this option?

  • The patient receives Medicare rebates and safety net entitlements quicker under this plan

How it works…

  • The patient pays an initial instalment prior to the collection of medication (Instalment 1)
  • The second and final instalment is paid prior to egg collection (Instalment 2)
  • Monash IVF will send an itemised invoice to Medicare after egg collection
  • The patient will receive Medicare and Safety Net rebates (within 2-4 business days of lodgement of the itemised invoice by Monash IVF)

Customer Pricing Option