Important update: Victorian patients no longer need to obtain police or child protection order checks. Please contact our team for further information.

Step 1 – Consultation with a Monash IVF Fertility Specialist

You can book an appointment with a Fertility Specialist by calling 1800 674 278 or by completing our online appointment booking form.

You will need to take a referral from your GP to your Specialist Appointment. Ask your GP for a indefinite referral.

At your initial appointment your Fertility Specialist will carry out some preliminary investigations and give you an overview of possible treatments. There are many treatment options available and not everyone will require IVF to achieve a pregnancy.

Step 2 – Registration and Preliminary Investigations

If your Fertility Specialist does recommend IVF treatment they will give you a Monash IVF registration form, to be completed and returned to us.

During your initial visit, your Fertility Specialist may refer you for the following tests:

  • blood tests for both partners
  • ultrasound for the female partner
  • semen analysis for the male partner

Step 3 – Getting Started

You make contact with a Monash IVF Patient Coordinator who will arrange a block appointment for your preliminary investigations, mandatory counselling and payment information session.

Step 4 – Confirm treatment plan with your Fertility Specialist

When your test results are available, your Fertility Specialist will meet with you to confirm the appropriate treatment option. Call your Fertility Specialist’s private consulting suites to arrange a follow up visit at least 10 days after your preliminary investigations are completed.

Step 5 – Meet with your Fertility Nurse

This is your introduction to the Fertility Nurse who will be your contact point at every stage of your treatment, offering you information, guidance and support.

Step 6 – Begin IVF Treatment

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