A Survey of Cancer Survivors Who Stored Reproductive Material at Monash Ivf

Investigators: Professor Jane Fisher (1), Dr Karin Hammarberg (1), Dr Maggie Kirkman (1), Prof Robert McLachlan (2,3), A/Prof Luk Rombauts (3,4), Prof. Beverley Vollenhoven (3,4)

1 Jean Hailes Research Unit, Monash University, Clayton; 2 Hudson Institute of Medical Research, Clayton;  3 Monash IVF, Clayton; 4 Monash Dept Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Clayton

Fertility preservation before cancer treatment (through freezing of sperm, oocytes, ovarian tissue, testicular tissue, or embryos) is a service offered by Monash IVF. The needs of patients who store reproductive material before treatment for cancer are poorly understood and there is scant evidence to inform best clinical practice. The significance for cancer survivors of reproductive material stored before treatment is inadequately understood, as are the reasons for continuing storage without using the material. This project involves surveying and interviewing adults who stored reproductive material before treatment for cancer to draw on their insights and experiences to inform the provision of fertility-related services and clinical care for people who are diagnosed with cancer during their reproductive years. The investigators project were awarded NHMRC funding in 2013 for the project ‘Banking on the future’: Establishing evidence for policy, protocols, and patient care relating to storage of reproductive material before treatment for cancer’.

Reference: Hammarberg K, Kirkman M, Stern K, McLachlan R, Gook D, Vollenhoven B, Rombauts L, Fisher J. Establishing a clinical service for cryopreservation of reproductive material before cancer treatment: lessons learned over two decades. Annual Scientific Meeting of the Fertility Society of Australia; 2015, Sept 13 – 16; Canberra, Australia.


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