A Multi-clinic Prospective Study of Participants Engaging in a Victorian Altruistic Surrogacy Program

Investigators: Dr Celia Goncalves (1), Rita Alesi (1), Dr Sarah Phillips (1), Marianne Tome (1), A/Professor Jane Fisher (2)

1 Monash IVF, Clayton; 2 Monash University, Melbourne

The implementation of the Assisted Reproductive Treatment (ART) Act (2008) has resulted in significant changes to practices within ART clinics. One of these is the introduction of a legal framework for surrogacy arrangements. Recent research has focused on the experiences, characteristics and motivations of surrogates; parent-child relationships and disclosure to surrogate offspring; and changes in mood and trait profiles of the commissioning mothers. However, there is limited information on the experiences of surrogates (and partners), and the commissioning couple at the beginning stages of entering into a surrogacy program, and at key stages throughout the arrangement. In this prospective study we investigated the experiences of the commissioning couple and the surrogate and her partner, throughout the entire surrogacy process.

Recruitment for this project has now completed and the results are currently being prepared for publication.


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