Monash IVF Research and Education Foundation

Our research projects are divided into the following categories:

Petals: a Longitudinal Study Exploring Women’s Experiences Following a Prenatal Diagnosis of Foetal Abnormality

Advances in genetic testing and prenatal screening has greatly improved our ability to detect foetal abnormalities during pregnancy. In Australia, approximately 4% of babies are born with a foetal abnormality and many of these were diagnosed during pregnancy. The diagnosis of a foetal abnormality during pregnancy can be understandably very distressing for parents. Our research

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Embryonic Heart Rate As a Determinant of First Trimester Pregnancy Success

The establishment of a normal range of embryonic heart rates in IVF pregnancies at seven weeks’ gestation in an Australian population: embryonic heart rate as a determinant of first trimester loss

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Testing of Cell-free Dna in Maternal Blood for Chromosomal Abnormalities

Non-Invasive prenatal testing with cell-free DNA for fetal trisomies, 21,18 and 13 in an ART population.

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Three Dimensional Ultrasounds to Investigate the Uterine Lining

Three dimensional ultrasound of the junctional zone in myometrial pathology and their correlation with pregnancy rates

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