Monash IVF Research and Education Foundation

Our research projects are divided into the following categories:

The Stream Study: the Effect of Ovarian Stimulation on Oocyte Quality and Embryonic Aneuploidy

Effect of ovarian stimulation on oocyte quality and embryonic aneuploidy: a prospective, randomised controlled trial

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The Uterine Microbiome and Metabolome: How Does It Correlate with Pregnancy Success Rates?

Identify biomarkers in the maternal microbiome and metabolome that correlate with IVF outcomes from embryo transfer of PGS screened embryos

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Optimising Progesterone Supplementation in Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycles

Prospective randomised trial of change of progesterone dosage in HRT FETs with low serum progesterone concentrations after 2 days of treatment

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Endometrial Thickness and Its Association with Uterine Contractility in Ivf

Endometrial thickness and its association with uterine hyper-peristalsis in IVF

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Future Fertility: Fertility Understanding Through Registry and Evaluation

Fertility Understanding through Registry and Evaluation

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