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Our research projects are divided into the following categories:

Proteomic Analysis of Receptive Endometrium: Identification of Discriminative Markers

Implantation can only occur during a four day period during the mid-secretory phase of a woman’s menstrual cycle because of hormonally-induced changes in the lining of the womb (endometrium) during this window. These changes are not fully understood but we do know that they are altered in some infertile women. Furthermore, the drugs given to

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Risk of Placenta Previa in Art Births Linked to Endometrial Thickness in Singleton Births

Placenta praevia (PP), a term used to describe abnormally low placentation, is associated with maternal and fetal complications. Known risk factors for include maternal age, multiple pregnancy, multiparity, smoking and drug use, and termination of pregnancy. A less well-recognised risk factor is ART however, the underlying pathophysiology remains unclear. Varying theories have been developed ranging

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