Very enthusiastic presenters. Clear, relevant clinical info was presented. Not too academic. Very practical.

A great opportunity to discuss common issues with presenters.

Very good speakers.

Good chance to meet the specialists. Clear presentations to improve basic knowledge. Time available to ask questions.

Excellent session!

Helpful info re interpretation of tests.

Excellent information for infertility a well as routine pre-pregnancy.

Excellent program – very educational and relevant. I’ve taken away skills for my own practice.

Delivered a good insight into interpreting tests for male & female infertility.

Helpful for understanding fertility patterns and how to advise before referring.

Great activities that reinforced my knowledge.

Extremely helpful, organised, excellent quality of presentations.

I learnt how to interpret fertility tests and also what investigations are relevant to infertility management.

Great activities that reinforced my knowledge.

Great case studies!

Great specific clarification of ideas of IVF for different cases, relevant methods used and expected outcomes, so at the end of the day the patient would be fully informed.

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