How is Monash IVF Australia different? Let’s take a look!

Getting started with an IVF clinic doesn’t need to be a difficult or daunting task – Monash IVF Australia are here to help. As pioneers of IVF Monash IVF’s mission is bringing you the best possible fertility treatment suited for you.

For some, falling pregnant can be a difficult and emotional time, but Monash IVF Australia are here to make it easier. We’re proud of the work we do and are committed to ensuring your path to pregnancy includes not only the best clinical care but also the emotional support you need along your journey.

We’re Here to Make It Simple

Believing in quality, transparent care, Monash IVF Australia are here to battle the hard tasks for you. While many IVF clinics are unable to offer treatment for the more complex fertility issues, Monash IVF Australia specialise in the more difficult cases and are committed to bringing your pregnancy dreams to life through experience, support and simply the best possible clinical care.

We understand that choosing a fertility specialist can seem like a daunting task, but there’s no need to rush – our online profiles mean choosing the right specialist for you can be done in the privacy of your own home, discreetly, with no pressure. Here to answer any questions you might have, our Australia-wide Monash IVF fertility specialist profiles can be viewed online.

Only you are you – we’re here to ensure your path to pregnancy is based on your needs alone and will be here with you every step of the way.

When you’re ready to take the first step towards fertility help, you can talk to an expert fertility nurse who can answer many of your questions completely free of charge with no obligation.

We’re here for you – it’s as simple as that.  

Free call 1800 628 533 to speak to an IVF Nurse or fill out the enquiry form »

Searching the web for the best IVF doctor in Australia?

Monash IVF Australia has some of the best IVF doctors in Australia and the world.
Search our full list of IVF specialists here.

The Process of IVF with Monash IVF Australia

Many of our patients undertake a short IVF cycle called an Antagonist Cycle. The Antagonist Cycle generally has a 4 week time frame from a patient telephoning with their period to pregnancy test. This treatment is much quicker, has less side effects and is less stressful, so couples see results earlier.

Step 1 – GP referral to the clinic in the name of both you and your partner (if you have one)

Step 2 – Initial consultation where your specialist will order all pathology testing and investigations

Step 3 – Follow up consultation where your specialist will prepare your treatment plan based on the outcome of your pathology results and investigations

Step 4 – Day 1 – commence your cycle, call the clinic and find out when you will have your first monitoring blood test and ultrasound

Step 5 – Continue to monitor your cycle safely to egg collection whilst taking medication

Step 6 – Egg Collection

Step 7 – Embryo grown to Day 5 (Blastocyst)

Step 8 – Embryo Transfer

Step 9 – Pregnancy test

Read more about the IVF Process here

Starting the journey

People are often unsure of what to expect when approaching fertility and understandably have a lot of questions.

We offer a Free phone consultation with an expert fertility nurse to help answer those questions and help you make an informed decision. Our Fertility Nurse Jo has over 18 years’ experience and can answer any questions you have about getting pregnant, discuss our available treatments and the next steps to take.

For information about the cost of IVF click here.

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