Infertility ‘devastation’ turns to joy

FINDING out at the young age of 23 that IVF was the only option to have a family left Jillian and her husband Steven Waldron shocked to the core.

“It felt so unfair”, says Jillian. “It was not supposed to be this hard to have a baby. I remember feeling devastated and angry, as well as frustrated with our bodies for ‘failing’ us.”

Having been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Jillian found her self in a position that 1 in 6 Australian couples can identify with – facing infertility.

Jillian and Steven met with Monash IVF Rockhampton.

“Having the support of all the staff at Monash every step of the way helped greatly.”

Specializing in all aspects of fertility, not just IVF, Monash IVF Rockhampton can assist women and couples experiencing difficulty falling pregnant with a variety of treatment option, from the simple right through to the advanced.

After two stimulated cycles and one frozen embryo transfer, Jillian and Steven welcomed their first child in 2014, a little girl.

In 2015, the couple decided to transfer one of their frozen embryos, resulting in the birth of their second child. They are now proud parents to two beautiful and healthy children, Amali and Miles, thanks to Monash IVF Rockhampton. “Our dream of parenthood and having a family came true and we are truly blessed.”

Jillian cannot stress enough to anyone that finds themselves in a similar situation to not be ashamed of needing IVF or seeking help. “You are never alone. There are so many people to support you and confide in. IVF is a rollercoaster journey, but worth it – never give up hope!”

To make an appointment at Monash IVF Rockhampton or any other Monash IVF location, please contact us.

Published in The Morning Bulletin

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