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  • 13 years ago after I finished honours, I applied for a job at Repromed. I hadn’t met Michelle before, but Mich was Scientific Director at Repromed at the time, and one of the people that interviewed me. I didn’t get that job, but Mich kept my resume and called me a few months later, asking if I was still looking for a job and offered me a job as a Research Assistant at the uni instead. I did make it out to Repromed a few years after that, still working for Mich. I am forever grateful to Michelle for taking a chance on me. She was such an amazing person, and over the last 13 years, I’ve learnt so much from her. She has made some great scientific contributions to the IVF world, and is someone I truly admire. She will be greatly missed. Will and Jack, I remember you as boys, coming in to the med school on the weekend with your mum when we had weekend experiments to do. You were such well behaved and curious boys back then. You have both grown into wonderful young men, and I know your mum is proud of you.
    - Alicia Filby
  • The sheer enormity and breadth of Michelle Lane’s contribution to reproductive biology was (and remains) difficult for most people to fully comprehend, especially when one considers the brevity of the career cut tragically short (49 years of age). Here was a mentor that was capable of fostering the best moments in your scientific career with her infectious brand of enthusiasm. I have never met anyone with more drive, a keener sense of strategy, a greater sense of scientific and business acumen, nor more creative scientific ideas than Michelle – this exceedingly rare mix of traits underpinned her incredibly successful career. The indelible mentoring fingerprints that remain on her Honours students, PhD students, early career post-docs, and other staff are lifelong and have forever changed these people. These scientists have achieved great things and will continue to do so, due to the identification of potential in them and the subsequent support, clarity, and direction provided by Michelle’s mentoring – spawning a legacy that will endure long into the future. I know little of her personal life beyond that she would extend herself to extraordinary degrees for her family, especially her two sons, and this may well have been the source of her immense drive to achieve at extraordinarily high levels across many fronts of her career and life. Vale Michelle Lane.
    - Tod Fullston
  • Michelle once shared with me a quote; "if you aspire for mediocrity, all you can be is mediocre; if you aspire for greatness, failure is mediocre" Michelle Lane. She aspired and achieved greatness herself, but her passion to drive others for greatness was what captured me personally. As a leader she drove others to understand, connect and respect the role of science. I will miss the opportunity to call her and ask her advise, have the opportunity to listen to her counsel or obtain her support. Like so many her wise words will continue to stay with me. Deservedly Michelle will continue be honored and recognised.
    - Peggy North
  • It is difficult to accept the loss of Michelle in many ways. Most prominently, my thoughts and deep condolences are with her family. Michelle's intelligence and confidence first made an impression on me in a first year biology tutorial back in 1988. I have since noted her great achievements with awe and admiration but it is only in the last 5 years that I have had the opportunity to speak to her again. Michelle was always exciting to talk to. She was so friendly and approachable and had a way of discussing ideas and complex information with great clarity and infectious enthusiasm. I am struck by the loss in terms of the ideas and developments she would have pioneered and guided over the coming years, but thankful for the huge contribution she has made over her career. For me, part of Michelle's legacy is a personal inspiration to research, learn and delve more deeply into understanding and improving what we do. I hope many people feel the same. Thank you Michelle.
    - Deb Webster
  • How do I even begin to describe Michelle as she was truly an amazing woman and I am so fortunate to have been able to work with her. She instilled in me how amazing embryo development is and I still find it hard to believe that this is how all life begins. I have Michelle to thank for this. She always put the patient first and always made us want to strive to be better. Academically she has achieved so much during her short life but by far her greatest achievement was her sons. She was very family orientated and I was always amazed at how she was able to work full time while maintaining a strong profile throughout the IVF industry both clinically and in research. Her family was so important to her that when I started my own family the one piece of advice that she gave me and continued to give me was to ensure that I made time for them, especially my children. I am privileged to have known Michelle and had her as my manager, supervisor, mentor and role model. I am where I am today because of her and for this I will forever be grateful. She has had such an impact on my life and who I have become and I hope that I can live up to her expectations.
    - Leanne Pacella-Ince
  • I’m seemingly half a world away thinking of Michelle and the warm, laughing moments we experienced last September in Hobart. How can that ever be the last when so many more opportunities to talk and to learn from her were supposedly assured? I’ve thought of it daily since I received David’s email. But enough selfishness. I think and pray now for her true legacy, her family.
    - Rusty Pool
  • It seems impossible to put into words the impact that Michelle has had on me, and the world of reproductive medicine and embryology. I first met Michelle in 2004 and she gave me the chance to learn from her in the lab, and I am unbelievably grateful for the ten years that followed in which she gave so much to those around her. Michelle’s passion was contagious. It’s impossible to believe that the world has lost such an incredible woman and an amazing mind. My thoughts are with her family at this sad time. Her legacy lives on, through the many lives she impacted and the knowledge she shared. Thank you Michelle.
    - Kathryn Gebhardt
  • How can I abbreviate what Professor Michelle Lane means to me in a few words? Michelle has been my teacher, supervisor, mentor and colleague. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been at the right time and place when I first met Michelle back in 2004. Although in her initial academic days, she was well known for her embryology and culture media work, she managed to broaden her research horizons into the areas of male fertility, offspring health as well as genetics. Despite a slight initial hesitation to work on the male gamete, together we were the first to demonstrate the impact of paternal obesity on live birth outcomes. Michelle’s belief in this work then resulted in several other studies building on this important work. Whatever Michelle touched flourished! Michelle has left a long lasting academic legacy, and I feel that I’m a small part of this legacy. This makes me feel exceedingly honoured.

    Australia has lost a truly remarkable scientist today. Michelle’s zeal for discovery and improving patient outcomes was unmatched and I feel sad for those who will not experience her passion for research and innovation in the area of reproductive medicine.

    Michelle wasn’t merely an incredible scientist, but also a devoted wife and mother. To Michelle’s husband and two sons: my thoughts and prayers are with you. You should feel immensely proud to have had such an incredible wife and mother. Although she is no longer in this world, her legacy will live on endlessly.

    Michelle, I will never forget your belief in me; from the day you submitted my honours scholarship on my behalf, to only days before you passed away, when you called me to thank me for saying what I said during a meeting we had just finished. I will remain forever grateful for your honest and direct advice. Not being able to call you to ask for your guidance is something I will definitely miss. I feel incredibly lucky to have learnt from and worked alongside you. I owe where I am today to your scientific leadership, guidance and mentorship and for this I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I pray for your eternal rest.
    - Hassan Bakos