Donor law change

Donor Law Changes – Victoria

A world-first legislative change taking effect from Wednesday 1 March, will see all donor conceived individuals in Victoria born as a result of donations prior to 1 January 1998 have the right to access identifying information about their donor.

As a result, all people who donated sperm or eggs before 1998 expecting anonymity will have their information released. This information includes name, ethnic origins, physical characteristics and genetic conditions.

Although these donors will no longer be able to remain anonymous, they can decide how they would like to be contacted, or whether they wish to not be contacted at all.

Donor conceived individuals will “be required to give an undertaking to respect any no-contact preference”, says Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority (VARTA) CEO, Louise Johnson.

Previously, the identities of pre-1998 donors could only be released with the donors consent. Donors, who donated post 1998, could only do so if they agreed that their identifying information could be made available to any future donor conceived children.

The new legislation will see responsibility for managing donor conception registers move from Births, Death and Marriages (BDM) to VARTA.

For more information, please visit the VARTA website.

Both donor and donor conceived individuals who may have any questions about what the legislative changes means to them are encouraged to contact VARTA on 03 8601 5250.

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