AC International chose Monash IVF Group sign to a partnership deal

Chinese IVF Tourism Partnership

Monash IVF Group will commence treating overseas Chinese couples wanting to extend their family as a result of the Chinese government relaxing their laws around the single-child policy.

AC International Medical Tourism yesterday signed an agreement with Monash IVF Group to send Chinese patients to Australia for fertility treatment.

China currently has waiting lists of up to two years for IVF treatment at some hospitals.

Monash IVF hopes to treat around 100 Chinese couple in the first year.

“We are delighted AC International chose Monash IVF Group to look after these Chinese patients,” said Monash IVF Group CEO James Thiedeman.

“I believe our processes, dedication to patient care and leading success rates made us the best option.

“Today in China, you have literally millions of women between their mid-30s to mid-40s who have one existing child and now have the opportunity to have a second child. The unfortunate reality is many of these woman, due to their more advanced maternal age will struggle to conceive naturally so they need some help – and we can offer that to them.”

The relaxation of the single-child policy has seen an outpouring of 30 and 40 something year old women wishing to have another child. With research showing fertility declines steadily from age 35, these couples are turning to IVF, meaning waiting lists for treatment have increased to more than two years at some fertility clinics in China.

“This arrangement gives patients in China an alternative to having to wait two years – which has the risk of diminishing their fertility even further. They can get on a plane, come over to Melbourne, have world-class care and take the opportunity to see the great state of Victoria.

“We’re really excited to welcome them over and have employed a number of Chinese-speaking staff to help make their treatment process as seamless as possible”.

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