Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act Review


28 August 2018


The Victorian Government announced recently that a 12 month review of the regulatory framework for assisted reproductive treatment would be undertaken by Mr Michael Gorton AM.

Monash IVF welcomes this review as an opportunity for our Victorian patients to provide feedback on the legislative framework that governs our operations and influences how you can access treatment.

To complete the review, the Government are seeking the views of anyone with ideas, knowledge or experience with IVF or assisted reproductive treatment. They are hoping to hear about issues related to the access and delivery of services and how the current regulatory framework for assisted reproductive treatment can be improved.

How to have your say?

As per the Victoria State Government website:You can have your say on the issues covered by the review by:

  • Completing an online survey that addresses key themes of the review. The survey also includes an option to anonymously share your personal story of your experience with assisted reproductive treatment if you wish. You can access the survey on the Engage Victoria website.
  • Making a formal submission addressing any or all of the questions posed in the consultation paper. Submissions can be lodged via the Engage Victoria website, or by emailing the review team.

If you make a formal submission, please indicate if your submission is confidential and whether or not you are prepared to have your submission quoted within a report to the Minister for Health. (The report may, at the discretion of the Minister, be publicly released and/or may be subject to disclosure through freedom of information processes.)

You are welcome both to answer the survey and make a submission if you wish.

All survey responses and formal submissions must be received no later than 21 September 2018, to ensure your feedback can be considered by the review team before the interim report in October 2018.

There will be a second phase of consultation early in 2019 before the final report is delivered in April 2019.

Monash IVF will be working together to provide a formal written submission, but we also encourage you to take some time and make sure your voice is heard.

Let’s work together to ensure we get the changes we need to make assisted reproductive treatment an option for all those wishing to have a family.

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