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Our Success Rates

Monash IVF is proud to have leading IVF success rates. We are committed to providing the latest and most proven clinical treatment programs to help you achieve a successful pregnancy.

The following graph shows our clinical pregnancy rates. Not all clinical pregnancies lead to a successful birth.  

Monash IVF blasto clinical preg rates 1 july 2013 - 30 june 2015

Monash IVF clinical pregnancy rates are based on cycles with a fresh blastocyst embryo transfer.

Note: Clinical pregnancy rate is per the Australian and New Zealand Assisted Reproductive Database (ANZARD) definition. 

Will Your Treatment Be Successful?

Your Fertility Specialist will explain your chances of success, taking into consideration your type of infertility, your age and type of treatment. Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) procedures have progressed rapidly since their development and so have the associated success rates. Advancements in technology at Monash IVF which allow us to routinely grow embryos to Blastocysts and use Vitrification to snap freeze embryos has resulted in us having among the highest pregnancy rates in the world but generalised success rates can be misleading due to the individuality of each patient’s situation. There are many hurdles to cross during treatment and it is wise to keep in mind that they all have to be successfully crossed to get to what we are all striving for – a baby to take home.

Success rates can be affected by many factors, including:

  • Genetic factors
  • Fertility history
  • Age of the female partner
  • Lifestyle factors including weight and smoking
  • Conditions contributing to infertility
  • Quality of eggs and number of eggs recovered
  • Quality of sperm (including motility and ability to penetrate the egg)
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