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Our Partner Clinics

Monash IVF is a member of the Monash IVF Group. The Monash IVF Group is a leading provider of assisted reproductive services and ultrasound clinics throughout Australia and overseas. The strength and collective expertise gained from being part of the group enables us to deliver exceptional care and to give you the best chance of realising your dream of having a family.

Below is a brief overview of the other clinics that are part of the Monash IVF Group. 



Repromed is a leading fertility treatment and research clinic in South Australia and the Northern Territory. They pride themselves on practicing a ‘small team care’ philosophy to ensure a dedicated group of experienced staff stay with you throughout your journey. Repromed has active research and development programs in South Australia and their scientists and doctors have made major contributions to industry knowledge about the causes of and treatments for fertility problems. With over 15 years’ experience and pregnancy rates among the best in Australia they can give you the best chance of realising your dream of having a family.


KL Fertility Centre in Malaysia is a medical establishment devoted exclusively to getting patients pregnant. They have been providing fertility expertise for over two decades, helping couples have children across three continents. Dato’ Dr. Prashant KL Fertility Centre’s Medical Director has been a fertility specialist for almost 25 years and remains fascinated by the art and science of “making” babies.  He continues to help childless couples achieve a successful outcome, but on a larger scale, is committed to making fertility treatment accessible to all Malaysians who need it. To this end, he gives freely of his time, knowledge and information to multiple government and NGO initiatives.



Monash Ultrasound for Women’s (MUFW) Medical Director Dr Simon Meagher, along with the Unit’s Sonologists, Sonographers and Genetic Counsellors provide a comprehensive tertiary level prenatal diagnostic service. They are committed to maintaining their position as a leader in the field.

MUFW is actively involved in research studies and education programs both nationally and internationally. Their clinics are equipped with state of the art GE ultrasound systems and their expert team are committed to best practice and optimal patient care.



Reproductive Medicine Albury provide a comprehensive range of fertility treatments. Their location in Albury Wodonga, one of Australia’s largest regional centres, helps foster their approach and with country values comes a community inspired spirit that sets patient at ease. However their country location certainly doesn’t mean they forgo anything and their modern facilities allow them to achieve impressive success rates.


Reproductive Medicine Wagga feel strongly that regional Australians should not be medically disadvantaged by their decision to live outside a capital city. Their facilities bring vital fertility treatments to country people who require assistance with becoming pregnant. However their country location certainly doesn’t mean they forgo anything and their treatments and facilities allow them to achieve impressive success rates.

Reproductive Medicine Wagga are opening a brand new, purpose built laboratory in July 2014 located in the new Riverina Day Surgery, Wagga Wagga. This state of the art laboratory will ensure they continue to achieve impressive success rates.



MyIVF Clinic  is a recent addition to the Monash IVF Group with the clinic opening in Brisbane early 2014. MyIVF Clinic  was established to offer a broader IVF offering in the Queensland market and provides a specific group of patients with affordable low intervention fertility treatment without compromise.


Monash IVF also works closely with a number of other organisations

There are also a number of organisations that Monash IVF works closely with but who are not part of the group. These organisations include Prince Henry’s Institute and Bump Acupuncture and Nutrition. Please see a brief overview of these organisations below:


Prince Henry’s Institute (PHI) is one of Australia’s leading centres for reproductive health and endocrine research. Their world-class research team is committed to improving understanding of the role of hormones in reproductive health and disease.

Monash IVF has partnered with PHI to improve understanding of fertility and reproductive health. Our current collaborative investigation to identify endometrial receptivity markers and improve outcomes for IVF patients received international funding through Merck Serono’s Grant for Fertility Innovation 2012. Monash IVF continues to foster its partnership with PHI through joint senior appointments, affiliations and the training of emerging fertility and reproductive health researchers.


BUMP Acupuncture focuses on the physical and emotional state of the person as a whole.  This means looking at being in optimum health to maximize the chances of fertility and the ability to bounce back after the pregnancy.  Whether you are trying to get pregnant naturally or you are undergoing IVF, we are there to support and assist you.  All treatments are designed specifically for your particular needs. BUMP provides a place to relax between appointments both before and after your embryo transfer. 

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