Thrilled to announce recent additions to the Monash IVF family

We are thrilled to announce two recent additions to the Monash IVF family – KL Fertility Centre and Reproductive Medicine Albury

Patients are now able to access treatment across the Monash IVF group in two new locations. The addition of KL Fertility Centre and Reproductive Medicine Albury enables us to broaden our resources and expertise to reach more patients across Australasia. 


KL Fertility Centre in Malaysia is devoted exclusively to fertility treatment and helping patients realise their dream of having a family. They have been providing fertility expertise for over two decades, helping couples have children across three continents. Dato’ Dr. Prashant KL Fertility Centre’s Medical Director has been a fertility specialist for almost 25 years and remains fascinated by the art and science of “making” babies.  He continues to help childless couples achieve a successful outcome, but on a larger scale, is committed to making fertility treatment accessible to all Malaysians who need it. To this end, he gives freely of his time, knowledge and information to multiple government and NGO initiatives.


Reproductive Medicine Albury provide the most modern and financially accessible IVF and reproductive services in the region. Their location in Albury Wodonga, one of Australia’s largest regional centres, helps foster their approach and with country values comes a community inspired spirit that sets patients at ease. However their country location certainly doesn’t mean they forgo anything and their modern facilities are world class allowing them to achieve pregnancy results that are among the best in Australia.  


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