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Same Sex Couples



Monash IVF has a proud history of supporting the fertility aspirations of same sex couples believing passionately that everyone should be able to achieve their dream of having a family.

There has been a dedicated effort to welcome gay and lesbian patients, with removal of gender-specific titles on paperwork, modification of mandatory counselling sessions to reflect their different concerns and needs, and the introduction of a waiver to enable women to access known sperm donors after a shortened three months rather than the standard six months to enable them to access their donor sperm faster, especially during older ages when prompt treatment is very important.

An emerging treatment type at Monash IVF for lesbian couples is intra-couple egg swapping, where the eggs from one partner are used to make embryos for transfer to another partner. We have been performing this technique for the last five years, and it increases the fertility options available for our lesbian couples.

In addition, Monash IVF have a deliberate policy of trying to reserve the same anonymous (clinic recruited) sperm donor for both members of a lesbian couple, where both intend to have a genetic child, and where this is desired by the couple.

We understand the issues for gay and lesbian couples accessing fertility treatment including access to Medicare rebates, access to donor sperm and surrogacy. Currently Medicare rebates for treatments are only permitted if the woman being treated has a medical cause of infertility. This can only be determined by a fertility specialist, after a detailed assessment, including a careful history, blood tests, ultrasound, and sometimes a laparoscopy.

Without Medicare funding, IVF can be out of reach financially. In these circumstances lesbian couples can undergo artificial insemination with donor sperm. However, in the event no pregnancy has occurred after three cycles of artificial insemination, there will be sufficient evidence of infertility for Medicare funding to be accessed.

Donor Sperm Programs

At Monash IVF we have three programs for donated sperm:

  • Clinic recruited donors from Australia
  • Clinic recruited donors from Overseas
  • Known donors

More Information: Donor Program


Surrogacy is a very lengthy and complex process that needs to comply with specific legislation. Surrogacy involves a woman (birth mother) becoming pregnant and giving birth to a child for an intended parent or parents (commissioning couple) through the assistance of in vitro fertilisation.

More Information: Surrogacy

If you are considering starting treatment you can book a free 15 chat with one of our Fertility Nurses or book an appointment with one of our Fertility Specialists. Our Fertility Specialists feel passionately about your right to be a parent. After a consultation, we can discuss your aspirations, the economic and medical issues with treatment, to create an individualised treatment program. 

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