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Egg Donation

In 1983 the world’s first baby conceived through egg donation occurred at Monash IVF. Since then, hundreds of donor egg programs have been established throughout the world and most established IVF clinics have associated donor egg clinics. The Monash IVF Donor Egg Program remains one of the largest in the world with many babies being born through its services.


Originally, recipients for egg donation were women who had experienced premature ovarian failure (menopause). A smaller group were women who carried a significant genetic risk of foetal abnormality in conceptions from their own eggs. More recently, the largest group requesting egg donation comes from women aged approximately 40 years or more who have undergone several attempts at routine IVF without success. A smaller group of recipients now comprises menopausal women aged 45-54 years.


Egg donors are either anonymous or known to the recipient and generally must be aged between 21 and 36 years. Most donors today are fertile women who donate altruistically to a known recipient. The known donor situation has the advantage that both identifying and non-identifying information is immediately available to both respective donor and recipient couples.

The World Egg Bank

We are excited to announce our partnership with The World Egg Bank (TWEB) in the United States. We are the only Fertility Clinic in Australia offering this service which enables women and couples the option of importing donor eggs from the USA and dramatically reducing time frames currently experienced within Australia.

More information can be found by visiting The World Egg Bank Treatment Page or  The World Egg Bank Website.


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