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New South Wales IVF Costs

To achieve amongst the highest pregnancy rates in Australia we employ a team of exceptional Specialists, Scientists and Nurses, carry out leading research into reproductive medicine and continuously implement cutting edge technology. We are mindful of the costs involved in providing this level of expertise and our fees reflect the importance we place on ensuring our treatments remain as accessible as possible.

While Medicare covers most Monash IVF services, the fees associated with providing Assisted Reproductive Technologies can be confusing. To help you understand our fee structure, we have provided answers below to some of the common questions we are asked about our fees:

How much of the Monash IVF fee is covered by Medicare?

Most items within the Monash IVF fee have a Medicare rebate, which means that Medicare will pay part of the cost of your treatment cycle. The Extended Medicare Safety Net (EMSN) provides an additional rebate for Australian families and singles who incur out-of-pocket costs for out of hospital services. Medicare has put a maximum limit on the amount of benefits that will be paid for IVF related services in 2010. Medicare has called this the “Extended Medicare Safety Net benefit cap”. The actual rebate from the Safety Net is difficult to estimate, as each IVF treatment is individually tailored to suit each patient and the amount of the Safety Net rebate also depends on whether you have reached the Safety net threshold for that calendar year. Please refer to the Medicare website for the current Safety Net threshold.

Even though each person has different circumstances, the Safety Net can significantly reduce your out of pocket costs. For more information on the Medicare Safety Net, Please contact Medicare on 132011 or you can contract our Accounts department representatives at each site.

How much does IVF cost?

Note: The Medicare Safety Net Rebate applies once a qualifying patient has reached their safety net threshold. The figures quoted are only indicative as it is difficult for Monash IVF Pty Ltd to determine when a patient will reach their threshold.

Below fees are effective as of 1 July 2016 

IVF Treatment

Patient Out of Pocket Costs after Safety Net

Ovulation Tracking

3 cycles bulk billed*

Ovulation Induction (OI)


Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI)


Initial Stimulated Cycle


Initial Stimulated Cycle with ICSI


Subsequent Stimulated Cycle


Subsequent Stimulated Cycle with ICSI


Frozen Embryo Transfer


Known Donor Sperm


Imported or Local Donor Sperm

Contact the Donor Coordinator

Surgical Sperm Collection

Contact your Fertility Specialist

Embryo Freezing


Sperm Freezing


Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis*



Contact the clinic for a quote

Embryo Screen

$450 Amplification fee, $400 per Embryo

*Coming soon to Mosman.

Please contact Monash IVF Parramatta directly for costs on 02 9890 9022 and request a Guide to Fees.  

The prices are indicative and may be varied at any time without notice.

What do the Monash IVF fees include?

Please ask your clinic for exact costs relating to your treatment cycle as prices vary at some sites and are subject to change.

Our fees cover all of the services provided by Monash IVF and your Monash IVF Specialist during your treatment cycle:

  • Planning and management of your cycle by your Monash IVF Specialist Clinician and Nurse Coordinator if you have a current referral from your GP or specialist
  • All blood tests during your cycle*
  • All ultrasound scans during your cycle*
  • Consultations with your Monash IVF counsellor
  • The Fertility Specialist’s participation in your egg collection and embryo transfer
  • All embryology/scientist and laboratory services
  • Extended embryo culture to blastocyst stage if required

* Your cycle is deemed to start on either the first day of your period or the date your injections or HRT commences and ending not more than 30 days later.

NB: Additional treatments such as “Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis” (PGD) will be added into your fee and the costs advised to you prior to commencement of your cycle

What isn’t included in the Monash IVF fee?

Our fees cover services provided by Monash IVF within your treatment cycle; however there are additional fees charged by Monash IVF and other providers that are not covered by our fee:

  • Initial investigations, tests and consultations performed by your clinician prior to you commencing your IVF cycle
  • Screening blood tests. You and your partner will need to have screening blood tests prior to commencing your first cycle with follow up tests each two years.
  • Pre-IVF blood tests and ultrasound scans
  • Additional drugs. Your treatment team may prescribe additional drugs during the course of your cycle to maximise your chance of achieving a pregnancy
  • Egg retrieval (if privately insured): this may be billed directly to your private health fund on your behalf and is not included in the cycle fee
  • Day surgery and anaesthetist fees. If you have private health insurance, you may be covered for these costs. You should contact the hospital for an estimate of these costs and any excess or co-payments that may be required
  • Additional embryology procedures e.g. Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, Assisted Hatching

Do I need to have Private Health Insurance?

No, private health insurance is not necessary to have treatment with Monash IVF. However, private health insurance may contribute towards the cost of any hospital day surgery fees.

If you don’t have private health insurance, you should contact the hospital for an estimate of these costs.

NB: Private Health Insurance will also help cover the costs relating to childbirth.

When are the fees due?

Fees become due at various times prior to the commencement of your cycle. Below is a timeline of when fees are due and when you become eligible for Medicare rebates. Note that payment options may vary between clinics. Please feel free to discuss any concerns you may have with the Monash IVF staff at the clinic you are attending.

  • Nurse interview and collection of drugs your cycle pre-payment is due
  • Balance of payment is due on or before the day of egg retrieval
  • Once the full payment is received by Monash IVF you will be issued with an invoice/receipt of your completed cycle. You can take this to Medicare to claim your Medicare and Safety Net rebates if you are eligible.

Can I access my Super to pay for IVF?


SuperCare IVF Services Advice team can facilitate the funding required for various treatments including:

  • IVF
  • Endometriosis
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  • Women’s Mental Health Counselling

SuperCare is the only company in Australia specifically established to assist individuals to be able to effectively access their Superannuation to fund IVF treatments and other medical inputs, in an efficient and timely manner. By doing so, SuperCare ensures that its patients receive the priority treatment they deserve.

SuperCare’s consultants are with their patients every step of the way, facilitating and taking ‘the hassle’ out of the entire application process. As an integral part of your health support team, SuperCare’s consultants will seek the funding required for you to access up to 12 months of treatment.

SuperCare’s consultants pride themselves on their personal approach and work as a team with their patients to ensure an easy, efficient and stress free result.

Visit the SuperCare website to find out more.

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