First Australian pregnancy after ovarian tissue freezing

The Medical Journal of Australia – First Australian pregnancy after ovarian tissue freezing case report

Following on from our recent announcement of the first pregnancy in Australia from ovarian tissue freezing and the second in the world for a breast cancer survivor The Medical Journal of Australia has today published an online case report.

This Australian first involved a patient becoming pregnant after being reimplanted with ovarian tissue she chose to have frozen seven years earlier before her treatment for cancer. The patient who was 37 when her breast cancer was found, opted for the cryopreservation procedure before starting gonadotoxic chemotherapy which would severely reduce her chances of falling pregnant.

At the age of 43, wishing to become pregnant but menopausal on testing, she decided to have the preserved tissue reimplanted in her ovaries. Several months later when it became clear that she was ovulating again, the woman underwent in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment, and in November of 2012 an ultrasound revealed a healthy 6-week-old fetus. She is now in her second trimester.

To read the complete case report please visit The Medical Journal of Australia 






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