The importance of a healthy diet before pregnancy

The importance of a healthy diet before pregnancy

Julie Vecera
Bump Acupuncture and Nutrition

Latest studies show that a parent’s diet at the time of conception can permanently influence their babies DNA. Therefore by looking after your health before pregnancy you can have a positive influence on the health of your child.

It is important to have a well balanced diet with a healthy combination of foods that promote the appropriate nutrition for good eggs and sperm. What we eat affects our cells, our blood and even our hormones. Fat can affect the production of oestrogen which can then affect your chances of conception.

Weight management is also important (for both eggs and sperm). Research tells us that being overweight not only affects time to conception but also increases the risk of complications in pregnancy. Being underweight also has its difficulties and is linked to low birth weight and slower chances of conception.

So develop healthy eating habits now that can be continued throughout pregnancy. Healthy, lean protein at every meal with fresh vegetables is a good start.

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