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Surviving the Two-Week Wait

Julie Vecera

Acupuncturist, Nutritionist, Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner and the creator of the Fertility Lifestyle Program
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Surviving the Two-Week Wait

Whether trying to conceive naturally, through IVF or IUI, the waiting to find out the result can be stressful. Every little pull and tweak sends you running to the internet. It’s like a roller-coaster ride!

Relaxing during the 2 week wait is just not possible for a lot of women. Feeling like a period’s coming, tender breasts, etc, etc, etc…. It doesn’t matter how many times I suggest to a patient not to ‘Dr Google’ they just can’t stop themselves. Trust me, you’ll find anything you’re looking for and it’s often not right.

Here are some tips to help you get through:

Exercise – Try to take it easy for a few days after an embryo transfer. This doesn’t mean lay around on the couch, but do avoid running, abdominal exercises and heavy lifting. Brisk walking is good for the circulation and to relieve some stress and anxiety. Once you know you’re pregnant you can very gradually increase your exercise but keep your heart rate below 140 beats per minute.

We recommend if you’ve never had a strong exercise regime prior to pregnancy then this is not the time to start one. Although we don’t advise running during pregnancy, it is great to swim, walk briskly, attend pilates, yoga, cycling and do light weights. Don’t fear exercise because it will improve your physical and mental well-being while helping you maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy.

Vitamins – If you’ve been on a number of supplements preparing for pregnancy then after an embryo transfer we recommend cutting back on some of the dosages. Of course your natal supplement should stay the same and any extra folate that you may be taking. Vitamins such as CoQ10 should be reduced to 75-150mg, Vitamin E to 500mg and some others may need to be looked at depending on what you’re taking (ask your practitioner or email me). Once pregnant, dosages may be reduced further.

Listeria is a bacteria that lives in some foods that have been in touch with soil such as animal meats, vegetables and dairy. It’s important to prepare foods well, as listeria is sensitive to heat and will kill it. Pregnant women and the unborn child are more susceptible to being affected by the listeria bacteria. We therefore recommend that after an embryo transfer you take the following precautions:

  • wash hands well when preparing food
  • place leftovers immediately in fridge and consume within 12 hrs of cooking
  • make sure take-away food is very hot
  • avoid buffets and sandwiches bars
  • thoroughly wash fruits and veggies

Avoid the following foods:

  • unpasteurized dairy products
  • cold meats
  • raw seafoods – sushi, oysters, etc
  • soft serve ice cream
  • smoked seafood (canned is fine)
  • soft cheeses
  • salad mixes should be washed well or avoided entirely

Relaxation techniques are also highly recommended during the 2 week wait.
Avoid having too much sugar, caffeine and of course, no alcohol.
Eat plenty of vegetables and healthy proteins and try not to Google!
Best of luck.

Dr Julie Rani Vecera is a Chinese Medical Practitioner, Nutritional Advisor and Acupuncturist. She is available for private consultations in various locations in Melbourne or via Skype. For more information please contact or

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