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Sperm Donors Needed – this life changing donation won’t cost you a cent

Most people assume that pregnancy will happen naturally when they are ready to start a family. But for many individuals and couples, sperm donors can be their only chance of having a family. Around 1 in 25 men are unable to father a child because of medical or genetic reasons. The realisation that help is needed to have a baby can be devastating.

Single women, or those in same sex relationships may also rely on donor sperm to achieve a pregnancy. “In my practice I see countless patients who without the selflessness and generosity of sperm donors these patients could never experience the joy of parenthood,” said Professor Robert McLachlan, Monash IVF Male Fertility Specialist.

Joining the sperm donation program at Monash IVF is an important and life changing decision, and may help an individual or couple realise their dream.

Donor sperm treatment can only be performed under circumstances where the child can know their genetic parents. Donors must therefore consent to the release of identifying information to the child. There is no legal obligation however for donors to provide financial or emotional support to the child.

Men who are willing to provide consent must also meet the following criteria to be eligible for sperm donation:

  • Aged between 21- 45 years and preferably under 40 years of age
  • Compliant with all relevant legislation and regulations relating to donation of gametes
  • Prepared to provide information on previous donations and agree to limit births to no more than 10 women in Victoria, 10 families in Queensland and 5 women in New South Wales
  • Prepared to undertake screening tests for certain infectious and genetic diseases
  • Prepared to have all frozen semen quarantined for six months and willing to undertake repeat screening tests prior to release of the semen for use within the clinic
  • Prepared to undergo counselling (with partner if relevant)
  • Able to provide a genetic family medical history
  • Prepared to release non-identifying medical information to donor recipients to enable informed consent
  • In Victoria and Queensland accept that any child conceived from their sperm donation has a right to request identifying information once they turn 16 years
  • In New South Wales would need to agree to Monash IVF providing NSW Health with identifying and non-identifying information upon a birth of a child conceived through their donation
  • In New South Wales the donor conceived child can only access their sperm donors identifying information from the Central Register once the child turns 18 years of age.

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