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The role of the Embryologist

Embryologists are highly specialised scientists that have an overwhelming desire to assist people realising their dream of having a child.  They are caring, empathetic and compassionate individuals who are also extremely precise and intelligent, with a high attention to detail and a determination to do everything they can to ensure people accessing treatment have the best chance of achieving a healthy child. Our embryologists work as a cohesive team within the embryology department and across other departments within Monash IVF.  They are responsible for IVF procedures and also responsible for the embryo biopsy procedure needed to perform preimplantation genetic testing.  Our embryologists go to great lengths to make sure the environment the eggs, sperm and embryos are exposed to is always optimal, therefore there are extensive quality control procedures and preparations that are conducted outside of the procedures.  It is routine for embryologists to work weekends and public holidays as it is necessary to monitor the laboratory and the embryos every day. 

Generally when accessing IVF through Monash IVF the interaction with the embryology team is at the time prior to the egg retrieval so the embryologist can answer any questions, at the time of the embryo transfer to discuss the embryo to be transferred and any other questions related to embryology and around embryo biopsy to ensure all decisions are informed.  We believe our patients should be speaking with the experts in their respective fields and this is why embryologists speak with our patients routinely. 

Our embryologists do their work with a great sense of pride, with high attention to detail and with respect to our patients who are entrusting them with their sperm, eggs and embryos.

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