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Preparing for a Frozen Embryo Transfer

Julie Vecera
Bump Acupuncture and Nutrition

If you have a frozen embryo transfer approaching then you have another opportunity of implantation.  Although the hurdle of a drug cycle and egg collection has passed there are things that can be done to prepare the body and endometrium for a frozen transfer.

  • Diet and lifestyle can be important in preparing a healthy uterus.  The thickness of the lining and the integrity of the endometrium is important in assisting the embryo to implant.
  • Eating a healthy diet rich in vegetables, protein and iron rich foods will help to keep nutritional levels intact.  It’s important to avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates which not only lead to weight gain but also are taxing on the immune system. 
  • Exercise is valuable for keeping the blood flow strong throughout the body, although this may need to be moderated after transfer.
  • Vitamin levels should be checked.  Research shows increasing folic acid, iron L-Arginine and Vit E can help to prepare the lining for transfer.
  • Acupuncture is extremely helpful for both thickening the uterine lining and helping to regulate hormones.  It helps by increasing blood flow directly into the reproductive system while also relaxing the nervous system.  Acupuncture has a great ability to bring on ovulation.  If, however, this is unsuccessful then your doctor is able to induce ovulation through the use of medication.

Remember to stay as relaxed and positive as possible and good luck with your frozen embryo transfer!

Monash IVF works in partnership with Bump. Bump specialises in the support of infertility and IVF treatments through the use of acupuncture and nutrition. Bump services are available at many of the Monash IVF clinics in Victoria. Please visit their website for more information.

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