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Monash IVF NSW's
new sperm donor partnership.

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Sperm Donor Profile

Founded in 1977, California Cryobank (Cryobank) is an international sperm banking leader, and the largest company of its kind in the world. Featuring the industry’s most extensive catalog of diverse, highly-educated, and stringently screened donors, Cryobank is the #1 choice of physicians and their patients in the United States, as well as dozens of countries around the globe.

Donor Applicants must meet basic health, education, height, and weight requirements before they are even considered for the qualification process that includes repeated specimen quality tests, physical examination, communicable disease testing, genetic testing, psychological screening, criminal background checks, etc. In the end, less than 1% of applicants qualify to join the Cryobank program.

Monash IVF is proud of the exclusive partnership with Cryobank and our direct program whereby donors are specifically selected for the NSW donor program and comply with all NSW legislative requirements.


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